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television media Specialists in Digital TV Data Systems SCCI Alphatrack operates one of the largest and strongest service and maintenance teams in the UK within our industry RESIDENTIAL SERVICES Integrated Reception Systems 4 Services Available through Communal Digital TV Systems 5 Digital Terrestrial Television 6 IRiS Broadband 6 Fibre Optic TVSatellite Systems 9 Existing System Upgrades 10 COMMERCIAL SERVICES Satellite TV Systems 11 Commercial Advantages 12 IPTV Network Solutions 12 IPTV Applications 13 Electrical Services 14 Audio Visual Services 14 Rental Options 15 contents 2 Background SCCI Alphatrack is a privately owned independent company and a leader in the commercial digital TV events broadcast multichannel content distribution and satellite communications industry since 1992. Since this time the company has enjoyed rapid growth developing a reputation for professionalism technical expertise superior quality and service. SCCI Alphatrack are a fully accredited IS090012008 quality assured company. We are also members of stringent industry bodies such as the CAI RDI Safe Contractor CHAS EXOR and many more. Project Management SCCI Alphatracks Design Procurement and Integration Management solutions use the latest technology and procure quality products from around the world to meet the needs of our customers. Detailed design drawings are produced for each system along with a bill of materials. Procured equipment is integrated and tested in-house by SCCI Alphatrack workshop engineers to ensure the highest build quality and acceptance testing. SCCI Alphatrack Project Management are a dedicated team specialising in the implementation and support of client system requirements throughout the UK providing electronic progress reports project plans method statements risk assessments inventory reports and attending project review meetings. Keeping customers informed every step of the way. Training SCCI Alphatrack Field Engineers are NVQ trained in addition to years of field and in-house training and equipped to meet stringent HS requirements and support the latest technology with laptop computers digital cameras GPSs spectrum analysers and specialist test equipment. Engineers are given Health Safety PPE PASMA IPAFF CSCS and quality training backed up with regionally based technical support quality supervision and Health Safety management. On-Going Support SCCI Alphatracks Customer Service Centre manages the day to day call centre technical support and onsite repair of large corporate customer networks. Service calls are managed using our call management system which tracks the call from receipt to conclusion ensuring contracted service levels are met. Broadcast management helpdesk and monitoring are also included in our Customer Service Centre. SCCI Alphatrack has introduced Remote Customer Access RCA which enables customers to view the progress of their outstanding service calls in real time via a web interface. Customer Care SCCI Alphatracks primary aim is to ensure the end users are satisfied with our work. All operatives are required and trained to work in accordance with the Companys Customer Care Policy. Our Customer Care policy requires operatives to provide a quality service throughout. All necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of residents visitors and the general public while work is in progress. Our staff are trained to respect the fact that their workplace is located in peoples homes and offices. All staff carry photo identification cards which must be produced at each visit. who we are what we can offer you 3 exorACCREDITED COMPANY SP203-1 OHSAS 18001 Registered HealthSafety Management 015 ISO 14001 Registered Environmental Management 015 ISO 9001 Registered Quality Management 015 integrated reception systems IRS What is an IRS An Integrated Reception System IRS is a Digital TV aerial system installed in a multiple dwelling building or a number of buildings to provide a range of TV services to the residents in each dwelling. An IRS comes in many different shapes and sizes but in its simplest form is a combination of a television aerial DAB radio aerial an FM radio aerial and a satellite dish which are installed at the top of the building to collect an array of signals which can then be distributed to each resident who is connected to the system. How does an IRS Work Prior to distribution around the building signals are collected from the aerials dish and fed into an electronic Head-end which amplifies combines the signals and filters out any unwanted interference. These signals are then distributed into every dwelling via screened coax consumer cables fixed discretely to the outside of the building. Note In some cases where external cabling is not possible it may be possible to route cables internally through risers or conduit through the communal parts of the building this is usually considered a last resort due to increased noise and resident disturbance as well as additional cost and time required within each dwelling. The IRS systems consumer cables usually terminate at the main TV point in the residents flat giving them plug play capability for services such as Sky HD Freesat Freeview DAB FM radio. The choice of services available through the installed IRS system is dependent upon the specification chosen by the landlord. It is also important to point out that whether or not the resident receives these services depends upon their choice of digital TV platform the digital decoders Set Top Boxes they possess or purchase and whether they choose to subscribe to services such as Sky. RESIDENTIAL SERVICES Sky Standard Box Sky SkyHD Box Box for foreign language channels if available Television FMDAB Radio 4 Sky Compatible IRS Systems Sky record pause rewind is now the standard offering from Sky and as such most residents and landlords are choosing to upgrade to this specification as a minimum. The main difference between a Sky and Sky only IRS system is that a Sky system provides 2 consumer cables into every dwelling instead of one and a 4 node TV Face Plate. It is usually quite easy for a resident to identify whether they have a Sky or a Sky system by looking at the TV outlet within their premises if it has 3 nodes on the face plate including 1 Sat node then the system will probably not be able to provide Sky services. If you would like to upgrade an existing system to Sky please refer to page 10. Other IRS System Configurations It is also possible to add additional Foreign Satellite services to an IRS system to cater for blocks where there is a high degree of diversity or where there is a demand for non-English programming. These systems also usually incorporate a larger Head- end and additional consumer cables to bring the additional services into each residents home. Your system can either be 5 wire 9 wire or 13 wire system depending on your residents requirements. 5 Wire System - 1 Dish Your residents will be able to receive digital terrestrial standardFreeview channels plus digital satellite channels via Sky. 9 Wire System - 2 Dishes Your residents will be able to receive digital terrestrial standardFreeview channels digital satellite channels via Sky and digital satellite channels from European satellites such as Eutelsat Hotbird or Turksat. 13 Wire System - 3 Dishes Your residents will be able to receive digital terrestrial standardFreeview channels digital satellite channels via Sky and digital satellite channels from European satellites such as Eutelsat Hotbird and Turksat these foreign language channels may change subject to the demographics of your local area. services available through communal digital tv systems With over 50 digital TV channels to choose from on FREEVIEW theres something to keep everyone entertained. Not to mention 24 digital radio stations better picture and sound quality and interactive features when you press the red button on your remote. Its really easy to get too. Theres no contract or subscription. Just check you are in coverage make a one- off payment for a digital box digital TV recorder or digital TV plug it in and away you go Freeview is also available via Freeview HD and Freeview PVR personal video recorder so you can record a one-off programme or the complete series With FREESAT from the BBC and ITV you get over 150 TV and radio channels from a wide range of broadcasters. You have the choice of a standard Freesat digital receiver box Freesat HD or Freesat PVR personal video recorder. Sky TV has all the digital TV you love - dramas and documentaries your kids favourite series plus the latest release movies and live sporting action. SKY TV is split into six entertainment packs choose the ones to suit you then add Sky Movies for over 450 movies a week or Sky Sports for five dedicated sports channels. Sky boxes are HD ready as standard and should you wish to access Skys huge range of 50 HD channels this can be done easily through upgrading your package to Sky HD which also gives you Sky 3D at no extra cost if you have a 3D TV. Foreign Language Channels Via Hotbird over 1110 TV channels 60 HDTV channels nearly 500 free-to-air channels over 600 pay TV channels over 500 radio stations... covers over 40 languages including Italian Polish French Arabic Spanish English and Turkish to name a few 5 digital terrestrial television DTT This option enables the upgrade of a basic communal TV system to provide Digital Terrestrial Television DTT. With a DTT upgrade each resident will have the facility to access the Freeview service via a set top digital box or an Integrated Digital TV set IDTV easily purchased on the High Street. Most new TV sets are now also HD ready allowing the viewing of HD quality broadcasted channels from Freeview. Set top boxes are available in standard Freeview and Freeview HD. The Freeview service includes over 50 digital TV and 24 radio channels without any form of paying subscription. The DTT option allows for fast and low cost solution in providing your residents with terrestrial digital TV and radio as a minimum. Benefits of DTT Lower costs No access needed to residents homes No subscription fees Crystal clear reception Ghosting problems eliminated IRiS broadband What is IRiS This is basically a system that runs alongside any digital TV or IRS system providing Broadband internet access to your residents without the need for them to have a telephone line rental agreement in place. Existing Digital TV Systems We can incorporate an IRiS system into any existing digital TV system without the need to run additional cables into dwellings and with absolutely minimal disruption to residents. New Digital TV Systems Where you are looking for a digital TV upgrade solution within a block we can design the new TV system IRS or MATV to also provide broadband internet functionality within the proposed head- end and cabling infrastructure thereby giving residents a solution not only for Digital TV SkyHD Freeview DAB FM but also for broadband internet without the need for a telephone line. Our IRiS solution guarantees excellent broadband speed and delivery rates and provides a very cost effective broadband solution to all users within the block. There will usually be a monthly charge to the resident for the broadband connection but this is likely to be substantially less per dwelling than if an individual resident were to set up their own connection directly with a provider such as BT given there will be no payment for telephone line rental. Any wireless or wired broadband device such as internet TVs Smart Meters and appliances laptops PCs iPadsiPods and games consoles can be connected either wirelessly or via a wired connection to the modem. 6 7 fibre optic tv satellite systems Many new digital TV systems are now being designed using a fibre optic fed TV system rather than the standard copper coax systems. How Does Fibre Work Fibre is a new way of providing every home within a communal building or estate with satellite TV and radio services. It is a discreet and efficient due to being distributed via a single cable to an outdoor unit at each property. Most modern home owners expect to receive their satellite TV services at more than one point in their home. Fibre IRS is the perfect solution to todays high expectations of home entertainment. The rapid technology advancements such as 3D TV HD TV and multiroom viewing finds fibre the obvious choice for providing satellite digital TV and radio to large or spaced out developments such as housing estates multiple apartment blocks holiday parks hotels hospitals retail environment and even entire villages Fibre Versus Coax The two main features of fibre relate to the removal of limitations on cable lengths traditionally found on coax systems AND the ability to connect multiple TV points from a single cable into each dwelling. Modern laser and fibre optic technology has made it viable to send the high-frequency IF satellite signals over a substantially longer distance than has ever been possible in the past using coax technology even as far as 5km For larger installations over a wide area a fibre network could provide a number of distinct advantages all of which can mean a substantial reduction in the complexity and cost versus a traditional coax installation A reduction in the number of dishes and aerials required. No street furniture or repeater cabinets required to amplify signals. No landlords power required within street furniture or street cabinets to power the amplifiers. A single fibre cable can provide multiple satellite points within each dwelling without the need for running multiple cables into each dwelling as would be the case with a traditional coax installation. Containment for cabling is vastly reduced due to the above. Future pricing later phases while the cost of copper is soaring optical cable pricing will remain stable. In many cases fibre cabling is less costly than copper. Future technology - As bandwidth demands increase rapidly with technological advances fibre will continue to play a vital role in the long-term success of telecommunications. Minimal space required for distribution equipment in common areas risers etc the space required for conventional satellite switches and amplifiers is probably as much as 5 times that required for fibre splicing. This can be a critical factor in apartments where space is at a premium. Non-Conductivity - Since optical fibre has no metallic components it can be installed in areas with electromagnetic interference EMI including radio frequency interference RFI. Areas with high EMI include utility lines power-carrying lines and railroad tracks. Other types of cable can fall victim to interference from sources such as radios and lights fibre optic cable has a higher signal-carrying capacity which equals less interference. Should a fibre system be chosen this will give the resident the ability either before first fix or when they take ownership to increase the number of additional TV pointssockets within their dwelling without the need for any additional external wiring. 8 9 existing system upgrades There are still many thousands of communal aerial systems that may be digital ready but are not sufficiently specified to provide the digital TV services that many residents require. Making a System SkyHD Compatible Many digital TV system upgrades occurred some years ago when Sky functionality was not available or as popular as it is today and systems were designed to provide standard Sky functionality only. It is often very costly for residents to upgrade just their own dwelling via the existing head-end. The effect of this being either residents who are unhappy because they cant receive all of the benefits of Sky or residents who put up their own mini-dish to provide them with the extra feed they need to receive full Sky functionality. There are a number of solutions that SCCI Alphatrack can offer on a block by block basis to provide this functionality to the residents who want it and to future proof any given block to residents who may want Sky type services. The best solution will be block specific but our experienced Technical Consultants will be able to advise accordingly. Incorporating Foreign Satellites onto Existing IRS Systems Residents within communal buildings are often based around relatively short term leases creating a constantly changing block population. Where there are large proportions of residents who require access to non- English language programming the solution is often for the resident to erect their own large individual dishes that do provide access to the required programming. At SCCI Alphatrack we have developed a number of options that allows a landlord to upgrade their existing communal system to provide access to the additional foreign channels that may be requested by the block resident population. Again these solutions are block specific but they will enable residents to remove their own mini-dishes and will improve the overall inclusivity of the TV offering within the block. Single Channel Solution Upgrades SCCI Alphatrack are able to upgrade communal TV systems to SkySky HD with NO additional cabling. With an SCS Satellite Channel Solution enabled wall socket and a satellite splitter you can receive Sky Sky HD from the single cabled satellite socket in the apartment. Sky subscribers who already have a Sky or Sky HD box currently only working with a single cable so without full functionality will have the opportunity to be upgraded. Residents who dont yet have Sky can have the full SkySky HD functionality if they wish to subscribe. This is known as SCS Mode. Residents who dont have a SkySky HD or any other Sky box with two inputs capable of watching and recording Sky services at the same time continue to have the standard single cable Sky facility this is known as Legacy Mode. SCS switches are able to function in both modes. Once installed it can be simply switched at any point into to SCS Sky Plus mode without the need to add any components or access the distribution equipment it is all controlled from within the resident apartment. Deployment of SCS does not affect anyone who doesnt intend to utilise the SCS facility. The SCS is designed to support cables up to 75 metres in length of CT100 cable. new build refurbishment services SCCI Alphatrack have been providing integrated solutions to home builders such as Crest Nicholson and Linden Homes for many years. As technology has advanced so has our offering to our clients. Fibre fed systems FTTH are now the preferred method to provide TV Satellite Superfast Broadband to new build homes and apartments. The fibre fed system can also control the Door EntryAccess Control and CCTV systems. FTTH means that there is a fast fibre connection all the way from the exchange to the home owners front doorliving room. We are capable of providing and integrating the following solutions Telecoms BT infrastructure Door Entry Systems Access Control CCTV systems Automated Gates Barriers Car Park Management Systems Fire AlarmProtection Systems SCCI Alphatrack also support main contractors during renovation works such as EWI External Wall Insulation roof works insulation cladding contracts brickwork repairs and window replacements. External WalI Insulation - EWI is being installed on many apartment blocks as part of the Green Deal government initiative. External wall insulation can dramatically reduce the amount of warmth that escapes from a property - thereby reducing energy bills and creating a warmer home. To enable these works to be undertaken all cables cabinets down pipes reveals and any other paraphernalia has to be removed to eliminate thermal bridging that would occur due to incomplete covering of insulation. Such bridging lessens the effectiveness of EWI. Whilst downpipes and reveals are part of the building structure and can be removed and be reinstated by the builder undertaking the installation of the EWI all cables etc can be removed and professionally reinstated by our specialist cabling crews. We are also an approved sub-contractor of BT Openreach and can deal with the BT distribution cabling. Virgin Media have given authorisation for SCCI Alphatrack to deal with their cabling as necessary. Removal of Redundant TV Aerial Equipment Improving the appearance of your buildings and supporting main contractors during refurbishment projects. All redundant dishes are removed and disposed of. All existing live feeds are connected to the communal IRS system if available. New Installation During Refurbishment In many cases where the existing communal system is old or in imminent need of replacement a refurbishment project is an ideal opportunity to install a replacement system. Potentially a new system can be installed that can remove the requirements of the residents own rogue individual satellite dishes and aerials dramatically improving the look of the building. Maintaining Residents Own Satellite Dishes If a new system is not considered SCCI Alphatrack are lso able to provide a service whereby we work with the main contractors to re-site and then re-instate the residents own antennas during the course of refurbishment works. We offer a 24 hour installation and maintenance service on this so as not to delay the works and to ensure residents are not faced with long periods of down time in the event of a problem. 1010 satellite tv systems Installation Support SCCI Alphatrack offers a comprehensive digital Satellite TV IPTV and HDTV system installation and support service for commercial clients such as Ladbrokes Paddy Power John Lewis HM Prison Service large hotel groups System Solutions TV aerial and satellite antenna installation Digital RF television and radio distribution Fibre TV distribution Digital IRS distribution HDMI High Definition TV distribution IPTV Video over IP distribution Video over Cat5e6 structured cabling distribution TV screen supply and mounting plasma TVs LCD screens projectors Digital BSKYB Freeview Free to Air and analogue TV systems Installation Services Technical consultancy and system design Equipment supply and integration Project Management and logistics Site survey and installation Commissioning and staff training Hotel TVSMATVCOFDM MATV Master Antenna TV digital TV and radio distribution systems SMATV Satellite Master Antenna TV digital satellite TV and radio distribution systems Digital TV distribution COFDM of hotel information channel foreign language channels and SKY premium TV channels IPTV Internet Protocol TV TV radio and satellite distribution systems HDMI HD distribution systems of SKY HD premium channels SCCI Alphatrack manage the installation process from your initial brief and design to supply integration and project management and final installation using our experienced national network of field engineers. Our Customer Support helpdesk manages all aspects of site management from receipt of your service call to the engineer arriving on site through to conclusion using our specialist Call Management System and experienced helpdesk staff. Technical Consultancy System Design SCCI Alphatracks team of senior engineers can advise on the latest industry news and equipment to enable them to recommend and design the right system solution for your needs. Equipment Supply Integration SCCI Alphatracks in-house trade distribution company holds the latest products and vast amounts of stock to successfully support demanding roll-out schedules. Integration and testing of equipment takes place within SCCI Alphatracks workshops to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. Commercial Project Management SCCI Alphatracks project managers are a dedicated team specialising in the implementation and support of client requirements throughout the United Kingdom providing electronic schedules progress reports project plans method statements risk assessments inventory reports and attending project review meetings. SCCI Alphatrack keeps you the customer informed every step of the way. Site Survey Installation SCCI Alphatracks own Field Engineers are based regionally to allow for rapid response to customer requests. Our Field Engineers are trained and equipped to meet stringent technical and Health Safety requirements. To support the latest technology each engineer in addition to our specialist installation equipment carries a digital spectrum analyser and laptop PC. 11 COMMERCIAL SERVICES commercial advantages Customer Service Helpdesk available 24hrs 7 days a week 365 days a year National on-site support maintenance and repair from our dedicated engineers Ad-hoc or contract support Planned preventative maintenance Guaranteed response and fix times Web enabled Call Management System with customer access Technical Support Helpdesk Service Levels Response Times Level 1 4 hr response Level 2 8 hr response Level 3 Next day response Level 4 3 day response Level 5 Customer Service Plan to suit your needs. Customers can place service calls 247 365 days a year. IPTV network solutions SCCI Alphatrack specialise in providing comprehensive IPTV distribution network design and installation solutions based on utilising new or existing IP networks for Hospitality Corporate TV studio Education Exhibition Centre Call Centre and Financial Dealing Room customers. The SCCI Alphatrack IPTV system brings networked TV Radio and AV to both large and small organisations delivering a high quality multimedia distribution solution that is easy to use. IPTV is a quick efficient and economical way of providing vital information to the people who need it. SCCI Alphatracks IPTV solutions offer a robust and cost- effective means of distributing a large number of information channels to an unlimited number of screens and desktops. IPTV Topology Head-end equipment providing access to TV channels streaming VOD IP Telephone systems and general internet access User-end DVB-S idaptor TV gateway avediaServer Video Source IP Telephone Manager Internet Tridaptor Encoder idaptor IPTV Receiver TV Screen TV Screen projector idaptor isocket avediaCentre PC viewer PC Internet Access idaptor TriplePlay Receiver IP Telephone IPNETWORK 12 TV Over IP TV Over Networks Typically the need is to broadcast numerous TV and radio channels either digital terrestrial TV Freeview or digital satellite TV Sky channels to a number of viewing locations throughout a building including desktop PCs. The SCCI Alphatrack IPTV system simultaneously broadcasts a wide range of channels utilising the existing IP structured cabling network with a wide range of TV channels available to view each viewer can watch a different channel. Video Over IP AV Over IP Typically the need is to broadcast an AV source for example a camera information display system individual pay TV or radio channel from a Freeview or Satellite receiver to a number of viewing locations throughout a building including desktop PCs. The SCCI Alphatrack IPTV system broadcasts the source content utilising the existing IP structured cabling network to the viewers desktop PC or IPTV receiver located adjacent to a display screen. IPTV applications Education Schools use an IPTV solution to broadcast digital Freeview TV radio satellite Sky channels and camerainformation system content to desktop PCs in classrooms and large display screens in communal areas over the existing IP structured cabling network removing the need to have additional RF cabling installed within ithe school. Corporate Corporate offices use an IPTV solution to broadcast digital Freeview TV and radio satellite TV channels especially domestic and international news channels over the existing IP structured cabling network to the reception area staff canteen client areas and desktop PCs for each employee removing the need to have an additional TV on each desk. Hospitality Hotels use an IPTV solution to broadcast global digital TV radio premium entertainment and hotel Information channels to rooms. Hotels can welcome guests with tailored messages on a prominent plasma screen placed in the reception. Exhibitions Exhibition centres use an IPTV solution to broadcast satellite channels to individual exhibitors stands during exhibitions over the existing IP structured cabling network enabling quick deployment of TV channels to anywhere in the exhibition halls. 13 14 electrical services SCCI Alphatrack provides successful electrical solutions to the residential commercial and industrial markets. We specialise in the design construction installation and maintenance of electrical services. With a large team of highly skilled electrical engineers we have the knowledge and expertise that allows us to deliver the most up-to-the- minute electrical services to professional standards. We are fully NICEIC approved and ISO 9001 compliant. All our electricians are security cleared to CRB Home Office MoJ and Royal Household levels. Door entry systems Emergency Security lighting LED lighting efficiency In Service testing and inspecting of electrical equipment PAT Periodic testing and inspections Landlords IEE visuals Electrical safety certificates Phone TV sockets Earth spike installation CCTV installation Landlords installations including lateral mains installation audio video services A full professional installation and support service including LEDLCD video walls Induction loop systems Public address systems Gymnasium systems AV to exercise machines HDMI Distribution via fibre or coax HDTV systems 4K screens rental options SCCI Alphatrack have developed a funding option for those landlords who may not wish to or be able to raise the capital required to complete an Installation whether it be for Digital TV Security or IRiS systems. This funding method does not involve borrowing depreciating assets or capital expenditure and allows for easy budgeting. With SCCI Alphatracks rental offering No Need for Large Capital Outlay There is no need to raise and justify a sizeable capital outlay. There is no need to delay upgrades until funding is available. No need to compromise on the solution you want because it falls outside your budget. Easy to Budget The landlord makes one manageable regular payment usually quarterly covering parts installation and ongoing service maintenance. Flexible agreement terms are available for up to 10 years years to suit your operating budget. The period usually matches the expected life of the technology. There will be no unexpected maintenance or support costs. Future Proof Systems During an agreement it is possible to re-negotiate agreement terms annual costs or equipment type at any time. Having the flexibility to amend agreements mid-term makes it possible to take on new technology as it becomes available. Alternatively agreements can be ended by the payment of an early settlement charge. Better Use of Funds As the service provider maintains ownership of the system the landlord doesnt have to own a depreciating asset. The systems are managed off-balance sheet which may provide accounting and taxation efficiencies for the landlord. No Need to Worry About Ongoing Maintenance The performance of the systems remains the responsibility of the provider. Systems come with a full warranty for the term of the agreement Service levels can be agreed locally. 15 SCCI Alphatrack Limited Piper House 14 West Place West Road Harlow Essex CM20 2GY T 44 01279 630400 F 44 01279 630500 E Copyright SCCI Alphatrack April 2016