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9 existing system upgrades There are still many thousands of communal aerial systems that may be digital ready but are not sufficiently specified to provide the digital TV services that many residents require. Making a System SkyHD Compatible Many digital TV system upgrades occurred some years ago when Sky functionality was not available or as popular as it is today and systems were designed to provide standard Sky functionality only. It is often very costly for residents to upgrade just their own dwelling via the existing head-end. The effect of this being either residents who are unhappy because they cant receive all of the benefits of Sky or residents who put up their own mini-dish to provide them with the extra feed they need to receive full Sky functionality. There are a number of solutions that SCCI Alphatrack can offer on a block by block basis to provide this functionality to the residents who want it and to future proof any given block to residents who may want Sky type services. The best solution will be block specific but our experienced Technical Consultants will be able to advise accordingly. Incorporating Foreign Satellites onto Existing IRS Systems Residents within communal buildings are often based around relatively short term leases creating a constantly changing block population. Where there are large proportions of residents who require access to non- English language programming the solution is often for the resident to erect their own large individual dishes that do provide access to the required programming. At SCCI Alphatrack we have developed a number of options that allows a landlord to upgrade their existing communal system to provide access to the additional foreign channels that may be requested by the block resident population. Again these solutions are block specific but they will enable residents to remove their own mini-dishes and will improve the overall inclusivity of the TV offering within the block. Single Channel Solution Upgrades SCCI Alphatrack are able to upgrade communal TV systems to SkySky HD with NO additional cabling. With an SCS Satellite Channel Solution enabled wall socket and a satellite splitter you can receive Sky Sky HD from the single cabled satellite socket in the apartment. Sky subscribers who already have a Sky or Sky HD box currently only working with a single cable so without full functionality will have the opportunity to be upgraded. Residents who dont yet have Sky can have the full SkySky HD functionality if they wish to subscribe. This is known as SCS Mode. Residents who dont have a SkySky HD or any other Sky box with two inputs capable of watching and recording Sky services at the same time continue to have the standard single cable Sky facility this is known as Legacy Mode. SCS switches are able to function in both modes. Once installed it can be simply switched at any point into to SCS Sky Plus mode without the need to add any components or access the distribution equipment it is all controlled from within the resident apartment. Deployment of SCS does not affect anyone who doesnt intend to utilise the SCS facility. The SCS is designed to support cables up to 75 metres in length of CT100 cable.