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digital terrestrial television DTT This option enables the upgrade of a basic communal TV system to provide Digital Terrestrial Television DTT. With a DTT upgrade each resident will have the facility to access the Freeview service via a set top digital box or an Integrated Digital TV set IDTV easily purchased on the High Street. Most new TV sets are now also HD ready allowing the viewing of HD quality broadcasted channels from Freeview. Set top boxes are available in standard Freeview and Freeview HD. The Freeview service includes over 50 digital TV and 24 radio channels without any form of paying subscription. The DTT option allows for fast and low cost solution in providing your residents with terrestrial digital TV and radio as a minimum. Benefits of DTT Lower costs No access needed to residents homes No subscription fees Crystal clear reception Ghosting problems eliminated IRiS broadband What is IRiS This is basically a system that runs alongside any digital TV or IRS system providing Broadband internet access to your residents without the need for them to have a telephone line rental agreement in place. Existing Digital TV Systems We can incorporate an IRiS system into any existing digital TV system without the need to run additional cables into dwellings and with absolutely minimal disruption to residents. New Digital TV Systems Where you are looking for a digital TV upgrade solution within a block we can design the new TV system IRS or MATV to also provide broadband internet functionality within the proposed head- end and cabling infrastructure thereby giving residents a solution not only for Digital TV SkyHD Freeview DAB FM but also for broadband internet without the need for a telephone line. Our IRiS solution guarantees excellent broadband speed and delivery rates and provides a very cost effective broadband solution to all users within the block. There will usually be a monthly charge to the resident for the broadband connection but this is likely to be substantially less per dwelling than if an individual resident were to set up their own connection directly with a provider such as BT given there will be no payment for telephone line rental. Any wireless or wired broadband device such as internet TVs Smart Meters and appliances laptops PCs iPadsiPods and games consoles can be connected either wirelessly or via a wired connection to the modem. 6