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integrated reception systems IRS What is an IRS An Integrated Reception System IRS is a Digital TV aerial system installed in a multiple dwelling building or a number of buildings to provide a range of TV services to the residents in each dwelling. An IRS comes in many different shapes and sizes but in its simplest form is a combination of a television aerial DAB radio aerial an FM radio aerial and a satellite dish which are installed at the top of the building to collect an array of signals which can then be distributed to each resident who is connected to the system. How does an IRS Work Prior to distribution around the building signals are collected from the aerials dish and fed into an electronic Head-end which amplifies combines the signals and filters out any unwanted interference. These signals are then distributed into every dwelling via screened coax consumer cables fixed discretely to the outside of the building. Note In some cases where external cabling is not possible it may be possible to route cables internally through risers or conduit through the communal parts of the building this is usually considered a last resort due to increased noise and resident disturbance as well as additional cost and time required within each dwelling. The IRS systems consumer cables usually terminate at the main TV point in the residents flat giving them plug play capability for services such as Sky HD Freesat Freeview DAB FM radio. The choice of services available through the installed IRS system is dependent upon the specification chosen by the landlord. It is also important to point out that whether or not the resident receives these services depends upon their choice of digital TV platform the digital decoders Set Top Boxes they possess or purchase and whether they choose to subscribe to services such as Sky. RESIDENTIAL SERVICES Sky Standard Box Sky SkyHD Box Box for foreign language channels if available Television FMDAB Radio 4