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rental options SCCI Alphatrack have developed a funding option for those landlords who may not wish to or be able to raise the capital required to complete an Installation whether it be for Digital TV Security or IRiS systems. This funding method does not involve borrowing depreciating assets or capital expenditure and allows for easy budgeting. With SCCI Alphatracks rental offering No Need for Large Capital Outlay There is no need to raise and justify a sizeable capital outlay. There is no need to delay upgrades until funding is available. No need to compromise on the solution you want because it falls outside your budget. Easy to Budget The landlord makes one manageable regular payment usually quarterly covering parts installation and ongoing service maintenance. Flexible agreement terms are available for up to 10 years years to suit your operating budget. The period usually matches the expected life of the technology. There will be no unexpected maintenance or support costs. Future Proof Systems During an agreement it is possible to re-negotiate agreement terms annual costs or equipment type at any time. Having the flexibility to amend agreements mid-term makes it possible to take on new technology as it becomes available. Alternatively agreements can be ended by the payment of an early settlement charge. Better Use of Funds As the service provider maintains ownership of the system the landlord doesnt have to own a depreciating asset. The systems are managed off-balance sheet which may provide accounting and taxation efficiencies for the landlord. No Need to Worry About Ongoing Maintenance The performance of the systems remains the responsibility of the provider. Systems come with a full warranty for the term of the agreement Service levels can be agreed locally. 15