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security gates barriers ANPR turnstiles SCCI Alphatrack Ltd provides a wide range of physical access prevention equipment of varying levels of high and low security requirements. Our product range and solutions manage both pedestrian and vehicle access for single or more complex multi-site operations. Products Sliding Security Gates Swing or Lift Security Boom Vehicle Barriers Tyre Killers Rising KerbsBarricades Security Bollards Anti-climb Spikes and Roll Barriers for perimeter security Half and Full Length Turnstiles Automated Number Plate Recognition ANPR systems Benefits Our expertise and consultative approach ensures we create tailor made well specified solutions that Prevent unauthorised access Provide the right balance between security presence and peace of mind Control of large volumes of peoplevehicle traffic Minimise disruption and inconvenience to the siteoperation Prevent unauthorised dumping of rubbish Deter trespassers and vandalism Increase security and gate house efficiency Audit and manage car parks with ease 8