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fire detection protection evacuation systems SCCI Alphatrack provides unique fire solutions that meet property specific requirements. The project scope may involve upgrading part of your existing fire alarm system or the design and installation of a totally new integrated fire and security system. We provide total management remote monitoring and control. Fire Alarm Systems Simple conventional systems Analogue addressable systems Networked systems multi-building network Remote monitoring and control through a graphical interface Aspiration detection systems Central station monitoring for brigade response Alarm Warning Methods Voice evacuation modules Public Address Warning Systems complete with integrating voice evacuation and bomb alerts Standalone electronic audio and visual warning devices both loop powered and conventional sounder circuits Warning devices for the hard of hearing and visually impaired VAD Hand Operated Sirens AOV Systems Smoke Ventilation Natural Ventilation Window Automation Temperature Controlled Ventilation Fire Protection Escape Measures Emergency and Escape Route Lighting Portable Extinguishers Control Sprinklers Hose Reels and Hydrants Gas Suppression Systems Fire Doors Fire Resistant Paints and Sealers Fire Stopping Integrated Fire Security Fire Alarm and Access Control Systems CCTV Assessments The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 imposes a duty on persons with control of premises to carry out fire risk assessments. SCCI Alphatrack can carry out an up to date fire risk assessment utilising the latest British Standards and building control regulations. This will inform you of the improvements required to make your properties a safe environment to work in and also a guide to designing and implementing system improvements. 4