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service maintenance At SCCI Alphatrack Ltd we offer a range of service maintenance contracts. Our comprehensive maintenance offering provides support for a full range of security manufacturers such as Entrotec Quantec Tynetech C-Tec Zettler Aid Call and Call Aid Courtney Thorne Tunstall and many more. Our maintenance packages will include functional and electrical checks of all system components and all routine adjustment for proper operation. We also review fault logs and status reports to ensure all devices performed properly during operation. We will produce a written report and certification upon completion ensuring our clients compliance requirements are met. Uniquely our maintenance packages also include within the agreement for battery changes at each six monthly visit where wire free systems are used. All maintenance agreements can be customised to suit exact requirements and can include more than one type of system. Checks are carried out in line with manufacturers recommendations One maintenance inspection One safety check National call out service support 247365 Bespoke service plans to support your requirements We work together with experienced and trusted partners to provide an efficient effective and reliable service to its customers working to SCCI Alphatrack Ltd strict codes of practice at all times. other systems provided by scci alphatrack Paging Systems Large zoned units with text instructions Small standalone units Personal Attack Zoned systems give location of alarm within a building. Fixed or mobile attack devices Voice Evacuation Systems Standalone pre-recorded units PA zonal based system allowing for one or more recorded messages. Connection to fire alarm systems Connected to emergency evacuation devices such as bomb alerts. Let SCCI Alphatrack look after your TV security fire and electrical systems within your buildings. We guarantee a hassle-free and seamless service to you and your residents and leaseholders. 10